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At TY, we believe that anything is possible with the right combination of creativity and expertise. We work tirelessly to bring our client’s ideas to life and provide unparalleled support every step of the way. Innovation is at the core of everything we do at TY. Our team of experts is driven by a shared passion for creating custom solutions that empower our clients and drive their success.

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We Offer A Wide Variety Of IT Services

We offer a diverse range of solutions all designed to find a new competitive edge for your business.

Why Choose Us?

We are an expert offshore software development partner, with over one decades of experience in transforming business processes digitally. We have often been named as a most preferred software engineering company for our highly collaborative approach

Fast Onboarding

We excel at streamlined communication. Enabling rapid application development to our global clientele with increased proficiency. We make time, culture and location differences imperceptible.

Agile Project Management

Keeping it simple and clear. A Solid project management process in place to meet client’s expectations, avoid budget overruns and minimize project risks. Delivering a software product without a hitch from scope to delivery.

Consistent Delivery

In-depth expertise, time-tested processes and tech excellence allow us to deliver optimal output. We implement various software development methodologies to deliver on-time software.

Popular projects

Explore Our Projects

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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Real Estate

We empower realtors with advanced PropTech solutions to streamline and simplify real estate management

Financial services

Financial services

We deliver innovations that drive smarter financial management to support our customer needs.


Custom software and analytics solutions for sports organizations to boost athletic performance and create engaging fan experiences.


Empowering businesses to develop custom solutions that allow travelers to experience the world.


We help media organizations gain more attention and reach new audiences through innovative technologies.
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Meet Our Expertise

James C. Gonzalez

CEO & Founder
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Barbara G. Reese

Web Developer
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Roberto L. Burleson

Graphics Designer
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Dewayne E. Morton

Senior Manager
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Build a New Product

I have an idea for a business, but I need a team to help validate my idea and ensure the product gains traction.

Improve an Existing Product

We need a team that can help accelerate our development and provide a new perspective.

Strategize for Tech & Business

Our product isn’t scaling as quickly as anticipated and we’re not sure why.

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Technology Is Transforming Every Industry Sector

Are you embracing the power of digital transformation and beyond to stay competitive?
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Upcoming Events

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Our IT solutions can help your business achieve its goals by generating high-quality leads and driving growth.

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